“Damian…” Lexx breathed slowly, trying to contain his anger. “You have a big mouth.”

“But it is completely true!” Damian tipped his glass, looking at Lexx out of the corner of his eyes.

“I know that!” Lexx snapped. “She didn’t have to know how much more of a freak I am.”

Chel glared at Lexx, “Hello,… I’m sitting right here.”

“Zeta here too! Why say here?” The little sallomandyr cocked his head, clambering onto Chel’s lap.

Damian smiled cheerfully, setting down the glass, and stated without missing a beat, “If it is any consolation, I think you’re quite handsome, Lexx.”

Lexx sunk down into his coat, staring at Damian. For a moment, he simply fumed, then he retorted, “That’s not any consolation….” He shivered in discomfort, “That frightens me!”