“Oh, come on! I’m just kidding!” Damian stood and patted Lexx on the shoulder, bringing out an immediately cringe from Lexx, right against Chel. “You should really lighten up, Lexx.” Damian whistled and called out to his dice, “Hey, Fluffy! Leave those two alone! Come here and say hi!”

The crimson and white creature yerfed one more time at the palm tree, then spun on her heels to answer her master. Up in the tree, Stealth and Fly breathed sighs of relief. Now, they were free to climb down and not be slobbered on mercilessly. That’s all Fluffy liked to do, drool on them with an overabundance of affection.

Then there was the familiar warmth that rippled through their fur coats. Both Fly and Stealth returned to their current levels, getting a little bit larger and Stealth gaining a second tail. How annoying. Fly lifted his head and wailed, “Right when she leaves!”

“Never too late, Fly.” Stealth hissed, “Let’s just get down there and back to Lexx and Chel. They won’t let her slobber on us.”

Fly jumped from the palm tree, “Only if you’re on Chel’s shoulders! Lexx could care less!”

“Hey, wait a minute, Chel is MY human!” Stealth spat, dropping from the palm into the soft sand before. Fly was going to beat her, easy. She laid her ears back and ran anyway, forced to hop as her paws sank into the sand.