“Claudia,”  Lexx sighed, then lifted his right hand to gesture toward the amorous Kourwine.  “Let this sink in.”  He had to be blunt this time.  Actually get the point across.  “I do NOT want to have sex with you.  Stop trying to seduce me.  It’s annoying and embarrassing.”  Then without even being aware of it, Lexx lowered his tone in a threatening growl, “Don’t ever try it again in front of Chel either or I will -NEVER- speak to you again.”

Lexx thought it would be best to tie up this particular issue now.  He did not want Chel getting the wrong idea.  It was enough to give Lexx the strength to do what he had wanted to do for a long time,… get Claudia to stop harassing him.

“I never said that’s what I wanted to do!”  Claudia looked offended, her cheeks darkening considerably.  “I just,…”

“… want to snuggle very intimately!”  Without the slightest bit of warning, Claudia lunged at Lexx, grabbing him around the neck and taking him down to the ground.