“Dash!”  Lexx shouted as he hit the ground with Claudia on top of him.  The tiger was nowhere to be seen,… neither were Rook or Illo.  While Lexx and Claudia were talking, Rook had gotten up and awkwardly bounced away.  Illo and Dash had followed her to make sure she didn’t wind up injuring herself.

“Should we come back in five minutes?”  Lexx was just prying Claudia’s fingers out of his chest when they were both made aware that they were not alone.

“Deuce,…”  Lexx glanced in the direction of the voice and cringed at the sight of a small audience staring at them on the ground.

“Hrr?”  Claudia looked in the same direction Lexx was looking the moment he stopped struggling with her.

There were five of them.  Four men and one woman, a very short Rishan woman.  Lexx knew immediately what they were.  This was an arena team and the five foot tall Rishan was apparently the one in charge.  The other four stood behind her, each one decked out in the fine garbs that were common for arena teams.

The Littan member was a perfect representation of is kind, tall with prominent cheekbones and pale skin.  His golden blonde hair was tied up in traditional littan style.  An oddly styled cloak left his shoulders bare, most likely to show off his muscular arms and shoulders.

Next to the littan stood a Kourwine, with his hair and skin adjusted to match the turquoise fabric of his outfit.  Armored gold plates adorned his shoulders.  Then there was a very dark skinned Sairah with brown hair dressed in blue robes and another Rishan.  This one also draped in a heavy robe.  Lexx skimmed over them and then his eyes fixated on the Sairah.  There was something familiar about him.

“We can wait.”  The female Rishan offered politely.

“Hey, Lexx!”  The Sairah waved cheerfully.

“Acadiu?!” His voice was shockingly familiar, even though he didn’t look quite the way Lexx remembered him.