Several hours later, Damian had just finished his fifth year reel and was reaching for a small disk to start his sixth year when Lexx noted the sun was beginning to set, “It’s getting late, we should return to the Rift, Chel.” He stood up and reached into his pocket for the transporter device. Chel stood, stretching, “But the sun’s about to set! I’ve never seen the sun set over an ocean before!”

“If she doesn’t want to go, I’ll stay here and watch the sunset with her!” Damian was quite happy to oblige in that service and added, “Then take her back to my ship!”

‘No! Lexxxx!!’ Chel gave Lexx a frightened look. The last thing she wanted was to be left alone with Damian,… in the dark. She didn’t have to speak it, Lexx turned his head in surprise, uttering a mental curse. Chel had not said a word, her mouth was clenched and Damian obviously hadn’t heard it, or he’d have backed off.

“Damian, I’ll stay,… then we’ll leave after the sun sets,” Lexx was uncertain on what else to do. “She’s my responsibility.” Maybe it was just a fluke, a one time projection brought on by just how much Chel didn’t want to be left here with Damian. He started walking to the small hill that overlooked the ocean so they could sit in the grass. Chel followed immediately behind him, Fly still on her shoulder, the other dice crowded around their feet.