Vic reached out and firmly shook Lexx’s hand, taking note that the ‘alien’ did not look happy to be here or doing this. Lexx quickly withdrew, but not before looking at Chel again. Chel had a strange smile on her face.
It didn’t take Victor long to put two and two together, or rather one and one. Lexx kept looking at Chel as though checking himself by her expression. Chel’s face was flushed red and then a past conversation with Chel popped into Victor’s mind. She had TOLD him about Lexx.
A sick feeling rose up in Victor as he stared at Lexx. It was bad enough that Chel was involved, but there was more to her relationship with Lexx than she had mentioned. He didn’t like it. He wouldn’t have liked any boy, but this one was an exceptionally bad idea.
Victor’s immediate thought was how much he would like to remove Lexx from this situation in his own way and be done with this entire problem.

I realized as I was typing this that … Victor suddenly reminds me of HRG from Heroes … if Sylar had designs on Claire. 😀