It was ridiculous to think that you could go out and play and never be put up against someone you knew. But Lexx had never thought about it. This was going to be difficult. He had to win and how he won would depend on how Acadiu fought. Lexx didn’t reply, instead tilting his hand to let the dice fall. Acadiu did the same, both taking a breath, “Done.”

“Gale!”  Lexx flapped his wings once, sending out a powerful gust of wind toward Acadiu.  His plan was in mind, the one that would allow him to win without severely hurting Acadiu.  He would need to knock him out.  ‘Fast,… this must be fast!  No time to think!’

Above them, the sky seemed to rapidly darken as clouds boiled upward from nothing.  Gale was more useful to Lexx for getting him up into the air than doing anything directly to Acadiu.