Chel hmmed, taking a moment to stretch and inquire, “What now?”

“We do a lot of walking.” Lexx muttered in disappointment. So far, this dice hunt wasn’t turning out like he’d planned and he really hated wasting any time whatsoever. Head down, he started to wade through the grass, keeping his eyes open for any disturbance that wasn’t caused by the wind.

They hadn’t moved far when the ground started to shake beneath Chel’s feet. The patch of grass they were in was shorter here, but there was still no sign of a dice. “Lexx!” Chel tried to steady herself as Fly leapt to the closest tree. “Do you feel that? The ground is shaking!”

“Ung,…” Lexx grunted, “Great! I forgot Dig’s a very aggressive dice! We didn’t have to look for him! He’ll come right for us!”