It felt like hours to Lexx, as the three of them walked through Keith’s seemingly never ending relayscape. It was all so green and blue and alive. There were trees of all sizes, fields of lush grass and creatures that seemed to live in them. Everything looked like it had been there forever and wasn’t just conjured out of a silly human’s imagination.
Keith was obviously thrilled to have a captive audience and showed them the things he was particularly proud of. There was a tree that sent Chel into appreciative giggling as Keith pointed out that it was modeled after a tree they’d built a tree house in as kids in another state.
The dragon plodded along after them. Lexx tried to ignore it, but his eyes would drift over it in appreciation for the skill it took just to make it move. It wasn’t simple. It was real.
Then Keith led them out into the middle of a vast field that was flatter than the surrounding area. He motioned upward and Chel gave a little squeal of delight as a beautiful golden form burst through the clouds and spiraled quickly down to them. It was a winged horse with a dark golden mane and within moments its heavily feathered hooves touched down in the grass.
It whinnied, tossed its head and trotted right up to Chel. Lexx glowered as Keith whispered something in Chel’s ear that made her smile. Lexx was feeling more and more like a third wheel. Everything Keith was doing made Chel happy. Lexx glanced away from the scene, his eyes landing on the dragon, who was standing nearby, neck arched and eyes fixed on the winged horse. Lexx could swear he saw the dragon’s tongue slide out between two impressive rows of teeth and lick over its jaws.

He almost wished the dragon would eat the horse.


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I don’t remember if I mentioned this, but I have finished the basic outline for Alien Dice. FINITO. It is OVER. But since I have NOT finished the actual scripting, I have no clue how long it’s going to take to get from point Y to Z. 😀

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