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“Sleep well.” Lexx was sad to see her go, but happy he had the chance to talk to her now. He didn’t even think about how Keith had interrupted his planned time and took up most of it. There would be more time in the future. “You too.” Chel ran through the grass and vanished with a laugh, leaving the relay world behind. Chel watched her go, letting the world around him slowly fade and wishing that he had better control over it. He began pondering making something beautiful, just for Chel, something that Keith would never be able to outdo. Lost in his thoughts, Lexx wandered off into them, leaving a hazy golden light and the vague images of trees in their full autumnal glory. Far behind him, large velvety paws padded quietly through the brown grass. Silent as ever, Stealth stalked through the relay landscape, listening in on Lexx’s thoughts. At least here, Stealth felt, she could be useful.

5 thoughts on “2014-01-31-Day-27-1-19

  1. I beg your pardon, but there’s a minor mistake in your text. It’s Lexx watching Chel go, not Chel 🙂

    Other than that: Keep it up 🙂

  2. Pussycat, pussycat, where have you been?
    Surfing your relay, a-lurking unseen.
    Pussycat, pussycat, what did you there?
    I spied on Lexx pondering, all unaware!

  3. Useful? Hmmmmm…Putting all that effort at trying to help Lexx get this far and then being reduced to just one of the Dice is having a rather interesting effect on her.

    Considering all that she has forced herself to learn and all the steps she’s taken, it wouldn’t be surprising that she would feel a bit under-appreciated in the real world.

  4. This should be interesting. Is Stealth going to chew him out for not telling Chel about the gauntlet? Or sit in solemn silence? Oh who am I kidding, it’s Stealth. Her being quiet is NOT happening ^_^

    1. heh. Stealth is supposed to be the spy lurking in the background. Now, she hates not receiving her due attention/credit.

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