Lexx sat in silence, dropping his hands across his knees. He turned them palm up and watched as tiny flickers of blue-white light danced across his fingertips and dissipated into nothing. He rarely used his abilities outside of battle. It felt good. He was holding in too much energy and the flickering tingling that passed through his hands and into his fingers was almost soothing. Lexx stared at his hands, studying the perfect left one and the heavily scarred right one. All it cost was losing a limb. He smirked to himself at the thought. He’d rather keep the scars than go through that ordeal again, even if his left arm felt stronger then the right one.
What’s going to happen when it’s all over if I don’t die? Lexx mused to himself. Thoughts of being alone filled his head, interspersed with mental images of Chel. Plans began building on their own. There were an overwhelming number of possibilities. When he had tried to think about these things before, his thoughts had been filled with fear of not knowing, but now his mind was filling in those gaps with possibilities. He could have a life here on Earth.