Zaile stopped in front of Lexx.  ‘… Lexx …’  He stared directly at him, but did not say a single word to Lexx.  Lexx looked up, curious to see what Zaile wanted.  He had green eyes.  Lexx continued to stare, out of curiosity and stripped of his usual mannerisms.  He had seen those eyes before, but he couldn’t remember where.  Rishan with green eyes were VERY unusual and rare.

“Cinka.”  Zaile continued glaring at Lexx as he called the Sairah over.  An odd sense of sadness overcame Lexx the moment Zaile turned away.  He couldn’t understand why he felt that way.  He didn’t even know this Rishan, but felt like they had something in common,… a lot of loss and bitterness.