Lexx had plenty of time to think about the previous battle with Acadiu.  He didn’t say a word as Riley and Claudia had walked with him through the grandiose halls of Riley’s ship.  Everything was the color of ivory or turquoise, with cream and black adornments along the wall of littan design.  It was even more beautiful than Claudia’s ship and obviously much larger.

Crewmembers passed by in small groups, nodding acknowledging to Riley and stepping aside.  A few hushed whispered trailed after them, noting that Lexx was accompanying him.  Lexx was too much in a daze to really take everything in.  His left wing hurt immensely and while most of his exterior wounds had already healed, he was bruised and ached with every step.

Finally, he vaguely remembered stepping into a room with Riley with several nurses hurrying around preparing things for him.  He sat down where they indicated and with a sigh,… blacked out.

And he dreamed.

Flashes of fighting Acadiu burst into his head as he relived it, intermingled with their days in the academy.  And then,… there was another battle, more recent.  That other Rishan, Sicali Riane?

He was walking through a dark hall.  Picture frames of all kinds lined the walls, reminiscent of the frames he had seen in Chel’s home.  But the pictures inside them were pitch black with vague shadowy forms within them.  Lost memories?

Lexx walked, hearing the dead echoing sound of his boots on a dark stone floor.  Then,… there was a door he felt strangely drawn to.  He studied the doorplate curiously.  It was a tarnished gold plate with a strange inscription that he could not understand and words that he could.  ‘When This is All Over’.

“When this is all over?”  Lexx stared at the door curiously, trying to figure out what the inscription meant.  What was behind the door?  He reached a hand out,…

“Hey, Lexx?  How’re you doing?”  Riley was talking to him,.. and someone else had their hand on his injured wing.  It was numb and tingling all over.  Lexx took a deep breath and blinked.  His vision was a little blurry and the light was bright.

“It’s not often that I get to work on such a well built young man!”  Lexx abruptly squeezed his eyes shut.  He didn’t like the sound of that voice, nor of the glimpse he’d seen of his doctor.  She was a Littan,… dressed in a not quite standard doctor’s uniform.  Her hair was dyed primarily a dark blue and worst of all… she had her hand on him.

“Hey, Sari,.. I’m in here at least once a week!”  Riley chuckled in the doctor’s direction.

“You’re too stringy-thin, Riley!”  Sari laughed, squeezing Riley’s right arm to put emphasis to her point.  Riley resisted the urge to widen the distance between himself and the overly touchy doctor.  She used just about any excuse she could to grab onto whatever male was closest to her.