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March 05, 2004

While Chel was outside,… Kip had already found something to entertain himself.  The door to Andrea's room was open just enough for him to slip inside.  He switched to night vision and was immediately drawn to the scents coming from her vanity table.  The little peripheral flew up to the top of the table and started going through everything on top of it.  And there was a lot to go through.  One item in particular caught his attention, a pink powder puff laying in some sweet smelling dust. Kip picked it up and sniffed it.  He had seen Andrea that morning with it, when she had brushed him off the table and told him to get lost.  That had distracted him as he tried to explain that he could never be lost because he always knew where he was.  Now, he would find out what this was and why she had been patting her face with it. He patted the puff on his face and sneezed.  That didn't seem to work right.  He patted himself again, sending up a puff of pink fragrant powder.  It was at that point that Andrea turned on the light.  She hadn't been fully asleep and Kip's sneeze alerted her that someone was in her room who wasn't supposed to be. "CHEL!!  The leprechaun is in my makeup!"  Chel sighed, hearing the scream through the open door.  She had better get back inside to make sure Andrea didn't throw anything heavy at him.

One thought on “March 05, 2004

  1. Still with the Leprechaun, huh? Well, I guess ‘Kip’ is too simple to pronounce for Andrea 😛

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