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March 08, 2004

'He'll be back.  Nothing has happened to him,' Chel told herself.  She started back to the house.  'He has a good reason for not being here, I know he does.'  Chel took one last longing look at the sky, her gaze drifting down to the fence, half expecting, half wishing she would see Lexx there.  She couldn't recall ever feeling like this.  It was like something was missing from her heart.  A slight physical ache kept creeping through her chest followed by a wave of sadness. This was silly.  Chel stepped through the door and into the kitchen.  It was silly,… but she could not help but wonder if Lexx felt the same.  She knew that he liked her.  It was funny now, when she thought again to when they had met.  That wasn't the real Lexx.  The real Lexx hid.  She probably still didn't know 'him', just what he had allowed her to see. She paused before going down the hall to Andrea's room, staring at the wall of pictures.  What would her mom and dad think if she introduced Lexx to them?  How would they treat Lexx?  What if,… she had to choose to leave the life she knew to be with Lexx?  The last thought came from out of nowhere. No.  That wasn't something she would consider right now.  Right now, she would choose to remain at home, on Earth.  Two weeks was too short of a time to base the future on. Meanwhile,.. Lexx crossed the living area of the Rift with Rook and Dash trailing behind him.  Dash's fur was sticking up in all directions.  "You had better have a good reason for leaving us with Claudia!!"  snarled Dash, "She tried to dye my fur!!" "I suggested pink!"  chimed in Rook, giving Lexx an endearing look. Lexx sighed and didn't respond, hoping the two would take the hint and leave him alone.  Back home again,… by himself,.. except for the dice.  All of whom seemed uptight and easily irritated.  Fly was moping around laying on the bed Chel had slept on.  Stealth and Zeta were nowhere to be found.  And Epsy?  She was being unusually moody.  Even the fox was acting odd and he'd never even met Chel. "She TRIMMED my claws and painted them .. fuscia, whatever that is!"  Dash continued ranting, shaking his head back in annoyance.  "Just look.. look at my claws!!" Lexx stopped in the kitchen area, opening a drawer to look for something to drink. His head was starting to hurt and he needed something to dull the pain in his chest.  'I wonder if she misses me.'  And he pushed the relay to test the connection.  He could easily communicate with Riley just about anywhere in the galaxy,… but Chel's connection wasn't as set. There was just a touch of contact, a knowing that she was there.  That was enough.  He didn't need Riley giving him a hard time.  Lexx just wanted to reach out and know she was there.  A slight smile spread across Lexx's face, then he felt bad for not being down there like he had promised.  He glanced back at the injured wing.  It was healing fast.  He could take the bandages off by morning and see if it had healed enough that Chel wouldn't notice. "Dash,… shut up."  Lexx finally snapped at the dice, who was now ranting about a ribbon that had been twined around his tail.  Dash hissed in annoyance and stiffly stalked out of the kitchen with Rook following close behind, playing with the end of the ribbon. Lexx slumped over the cabinet, rubbing a hand over his forehead.  He was bruised from the battle and ached all over.  He wished Chel was there to at least talk to him,… just a look from her showing that she cared. Lexx knew he had to be patient.  He sighed and picked up a red package of nutramix.  He really missed her, like no one he had ever met.  Tomorrow he would go as soon as he could.  He made up his mind.  Tomorrow.

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  1. Ah, don’t I know THAT feeling. As long as you’re occupied, it’s not as bad, but as soon as you’re alone…no matter what you’re doing to pass the time…it just isn’t the same, if the significant other isn’t around.

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