Lexx and Riley continued talking as they left the medical area and walked down a brightly lit hallway with beautiful blue tiles fixed in complex designs on the walls and ceilings.  It wasn’t the first time Lexx had been on this ship, but with all the winding corridors and chambers it was very easy to get lost.

Zaile glared at the monitors in front of him.  Lexx was on his ship.  Every passing moment was dredging up more and more anger.  His face was burning intensely and there was a horrible pulsing sensation in his forehead.  He liked to keep Lexx as far away from him as physically possible.

“… I really hate you, Lexx …”  Zaile seethed to himself. Lexx had a way of bringing up mixed emotions in Zaile.  It was all Lexx’s fault. The fact that he couldn’t simply ‘buy’ his own sister from the ADC was ALL Lexx’s fault.  At the same time, he had a strong sense of guilt over Lexx.

“Is there someplace on your ship we can be alone?”  Lexx asked.

“My rooms are private,.. why?”  Riley replied, “You can always just use the relay.”

“Just take me there.” Stated Lexx tersely, still having said nothing over the relay.

“Just around the corner.”  Shrugged Riley.  He was curious to know what Lexx wanted to say,… that he didn’t want to say over the relay out here.  Whatever it was,… would be interesting.  Lexx was being unusually quiet, even for him.