“I’m not as effective on people running on adrenaline and hate,” said Serenity, pleading, “and she does hate you, Lexx.”
“If Tairin has to fight you mentally, she won’t be able to fight me effectively.” Lexx slowed, glancing over his shoulder. “Do your best, Serenity. Oh, and you need to pretend like you’re going to attack her.”
Serenity snarled, gnashing her teeth. “I will do more than pretend.”


Go me. I forgot to upload again and just now found it. However, that means there are two updates in the queue.

Now, in case you missed the comments prior: I got sick again. 9.9 It’s been a rough year for me and that. Why yes, I did get my vaccine because I’m high risk and I’m disappointed that I suspect I caught Covid again in August. The reason I believe this is that it set my left leg on fire with nerve issues. They are very slowly going away, but my left leg is troublesome and really hurts if I dare look at anything with sugar or complex carbs in it. 9.9 I know it’s inflammation that’s going crazy in it and how to control it. Unfortunately, this also acts up if I don’t get enough sleep.. which is caused by it acting up. It’s a stupid cycle, but it IS getting better.

I’m also working on getting a new laptop and hope to get a Kickstarter going soon (Not AD, for some coloring books/art books. I’m not ready to tackle AD). Even though I secured financing, it is short $9 to $109 depending on the sale. 9.9 If Samsung allowed me to do a split payment, I would have a laptop, but nope… so working on saving it on top of everything else. I’m tracking that via Ko-fi as a goal, but Patreon support would help too!

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