Lexx jerked his wings closed and tripped over his feet, landing in the grass and sliding. The energy bolo dissipated, rolling into the surrounding grass and vanishing. Pressed against the ground, the orbs lost sight of their target. They were meant to slow him down and they did their job, but he was already in the grass.
He pushed himself up, moving on his hands and knees, wings folded at his sides. Serenity had vanished and was likely circling around nearby. The grass rustled nearby and Tairin shouted, “I learn from my mistakes.”
Lexx stopped moving, listening for which direction she was in. A breeze stirred the grass, obscuring the sound of footsteps or someone walking through the field.
“Face me, Lexx!”
A blast of heat passed over Lexx with a crackle of power. His hair flew around his head and bits of charred grass fell around him. A sweep of energy had burned through the grass only a few inches above his head.
“You can’t run and hide forever!” howled Tairin, the sound of grass stems breaking indicating where she was.
Lexx crouched lower, hurrying away from her, still on his hands and knees. Let her waste her energy trying to flush him out of the grass. He would emerge when he chose to and not a moment earlier.


THIS time I sat down and made sure to upload all the updates I have!!!!

That last row pleases me sooo muuuuch. I’m so happy with it! – Tiff

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  1. The look on poor Lexx’s face in that last panel! XD

    1. Hehehe.. yes, I was so tickled by how well it came out!

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