Updates happen more efficiently if I REMEMBER to upload!

This nasty little piece of work was fun to design, since the first design had to be scrapped. I found similar monsters. Lexx isn’t getting out of this one unscathed.

As a reminder, I am on summer scheduling right now! Alien Dice updates on Mondays and Fridays. Legacy updates on Wednesdays. Kim returns to school in a little over a month. We’re still looking for a place to move to, or rather, we keep looking at places to move to and keep getting outbid. That will also be a big change. When we DO move, and we will someday, I’ll probably have to take a two week break for the whole moving, setting up a new house, and the most exciting thing, setting up my new work room! Normal schedule will resume in September, AD three times a week, Legacy on Saturday until it’s finished. Oh, I’m also running the Saign story on Patreon on Sundays and Swiftpaw will replace it when it’s done. Following that, I have something that involves Lexx.
– Tiff