Yeah, I’m going through a list of: WHAT IS WRONG?! and have just given up. I had a nice jolt of, I’m going to get stuff done, followed by, hahahaha, no you aren’t, because your aging equipment says NO. :/ I’m having a difficult time getting things moving FAST, however, they are moving. My husband has picked up a side job to help earn money to fix the family computer so I can put MY computer back where it was and how I like it. The next two weeks are Christmas vacation. 🙁 I’m not taking the week off I had planned. Instead, I’m going to trudge through very slowly and just try to get my updates back into progress. I’ve had so many errands to run that I’ve had very little time to work once I finally got my head back into the mode to work on art and get through that block. 🙁 – Tiff