Comic done and up!

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Lexx recognized Keith, Swiftpaw, and Chel immediately, even in the dim light. His golden orange eyes lit up in annoyance, wishing Keith away with all his might. Sadly, that was not an ability he had at his disposal.
With a sigh, Lexx made his way down the beach to join them.
Keith and Swiftpaw noticed him approaching before Chel did. She had her back to them, arms folded with an air of annoyance floating about her.
“Lexx!” Keith stood up and waved a greeting.
“Keith.” Lexx tried to give the human boy a look to indicate he was not welcome here but only succeeded in delivering an awkward grimace. Keith did not get the hint, but Chel did.
She turned hearing Keith’s greeting and was met with the sight of Lexx trying to give Keith an icy glare. Keith was smiling, completely oblivious to the daggers going his way.
Chel could feel it.
The relay made it easy for Chel to pick up both of the boys’ emotions, even with Lexx’s experience in hiding them. Around her, his ability to hide his feelings was becoming more and more erratic. Keith was just inexperienced.
Keith was trying to be friendly. Lexx was not. Chel rolled her eyes and glanced away from the two thinking, Seriously?