“You can physically change yourself?!” Keith appeared over Chel’s shoulder, startling her.
“Like this.” Lexx pointed at his ear, focusing on Chel. The color of Lexx’s left ear began shifting from blue to a light brown. Lexx’s ear shortened and rounded as the color changed across his face. His eyes went from golden orange to brown with normal human irises.
Before Chel’s eyes, Lexx changed into something completely different. It was a jarring experience, even though it was over the relay. He looked different, yet the same. Chel was a little sad that his bright golden orange eyes shifted to a less brilliant brown. They were muddy in comparison.
Lexx smiled and Chel chose not to comment on Lexx’s appearance.
She didn’t like it. It wasn’t Lexx. She understood why he did it. He could move freely on Earth. Nobody would suspect he wasn’t human. It was a troubling thought to Chel, but she pushed it aside. He couldn’t truly be himself.

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