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Lexx left the relay conversation. He was still there, but taking a moment to breathe outside of it. They were a good distance from the partiers and would only be shadows on the beach to them. Lexx was sure they would be looking for him and he did not want to be found.
Keith leaned against the rocky wall, sitting on the sand with Swiftpaw cuddled up next to him. The fox dice had his head resting on Keith’s leg and was enjoying being petted. Lexx felt a sharp pain hit him at the sight. He had only truly bonded with a few of his dice. Swiftpaw had chosen this human boy. He didn’t really belong to Lexx like he had before.
Lexx looked out over the beach. Several of his dice were within sight. Zeta and Epsy were up on the dunes away from the water enjoying the cool breeze.
In another direction, Drift’s massive bulk was resting in a cloud of sand. He was puffed up and shaking his head sending the remnants of his sand bath floating in the air around him. Near him, Sirius and Serenity were pacing in the sand. Serenity looked like she was having a conversation with Drift. Sirius stopped walking and sat upright sniffing the air in another direction.
I have the dice that Kade gave me, but my own dice have more at stake if I lose. Lexx began going over his options for future battles. He wasn’t fighting now, but it did not mean he would not be fighting later. When he did have to fight, Lexx wanted to be prepared for the worst. If I bring them into battle, they have a greater possibility of being hurt seriously. The chance they could be killed is very low, but it’s there.
Lexx was going to have to choose which dice to risk and which would be safe no matter what. He looked back at Keith and Swiftpaw. Swiftpaw was one of the dice that would try, but likely fail him in battle. Sometimes, a dice wasn’t suited for outright battling. That wasn’t Swiftpaw’s use. He was basically bait to lure a larger dice into the open. He was sneaky and fast, but these battles were not the same as going after dice. Lexx needed outright power, cunning, and a willingness to battle to the death if needed. He had to choose the right dice.