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The door opened up inside a small cavern. Chel had to blink several times for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. The only lighting came from the door and it was shrinking behind them.
I had a plan. Lexx was speaking over the relay. Chel grabbed his hand as he led the way. The cavern wasn’t that big and there were large crystals of some sort around the edges and in the deeper crevices. Most were concentrated in smaller caves that branched off the cavern. Damian got a copy of my original plan, which I made before I found this.
Chel looked around in awe. Unlike Lexx’s home that Damian had been working on, everything here was natural and untouched. It was beautiful, even in the darkness. The ceiling broke above them in a smooth, ivy-covered arc. Moonlight lit up a large natural pool of what looked like freshwater. Further inside the crater, Chel could see water flowing from the rocks.
She wasn’t sure where they were on the island, but it seemed to be a place that was unreachable without a door. Trees arched over the opening and from the air, Chel realized that this just looked like any other pool of water. The cave system could not be seen.
Lexx walked Chel to the edge of the rocks overlooking the pool. They stood quietly, enjoying the silence.
“Nobody listens to me,” Lexx stated after a long moment.
“I try to,” Chel smiled up at Lexx. “But you don’t make it easy.”