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Alien Dice 29 – 10 – 15

The inside of Lexx’s new ship was as bare as his old one. It was also much, much bigger. The walls were polished black with accents in gold. The air was crisp and cool, but Chel could feel warmth rising from the floors. Lexx led her to a comfortable looking couch that faced an exterior wall. She sat down as Lexx tapped a hand on the wall. It slid open immediately to reveal a breathtaking view of the earth floating in a sea of stars. For a moment, Chel’s head swam, then stabilized. She blinked and stared out the window and wasn’t even aware of Lexx leaving. Lexx returned after a few minutes carrying two ornate cups filled with tilauh, the drink that he had given Chel on his ship the first time she was on it. It brought back memories of those days. They seemed so long ago. It was hard to believe that it had been less than a month. “I added an energy nutramix for you,” Lexx held out one cup to Chel, “so you will be able to stay awake.” Chel smiled accepting the cup and taking a sip of the warm liquid. It was delicious. Lexx settled onto the couch next to Chel, happy to see her smiling at him. For the moment, he felt good. There were no crowds of people or nosy dice draining his energy. He could relax and just enjoy some silence with Chel. 11:28 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm sad you can tell I didn't feel well when I wrote this page. :( The text shows what I had more in mind to show than the actual image, although that second panel is a wow, did I do that one? Followed by a *Groan* Why didn't I catch the error I made there. :( I can only do better in the future. - Tiff If you enjoy my work, supporting via Ko-fi or Patreon is a great way to do it! Another is just to introduce others to the comic!

3 thoughts on “Alien Dice 29 – 10 – 15

  1. I can not remember the last time Lexx looked so content, almost happy. This shows how much he wants to win and live his own life in peace with chel.

  2. Something’s wrong with your navigation: the back button takes you to 29-10-13 and the forward button from there takes you back here, to 29-10-15. There’s no way to get to 29-10-14.

    1. Tends to happen when I manually update and forget to add the right tag. It’s fixed!

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