“I have ideas for the future.” Andisel walked behind First and ran a hand from his left shoulder to his right. “The fans and investors are eating up the narrative.” First glanced at her hand. She had a grip like iron and he didn’t dare flinch or move.
“We focused on just the battles in the past but this continued love of Shira Lexx and his ‘story’ is what makes us money.” Andisel leaned in close to First’s ear, her hand kneading his shoulder roughly. “When we close the book on this family and purge them from our rolls I want you to find a replacement that we control from the start to the end.”
Andisel’s proximity was terrifying. First wasn’t afraid of many things, but Andisel was frightening. “Control the narrative.” She hissed with a final squeeze before walking away from First.
“I will not disappoint you.” First took several steps back, glad that Andisel had turned her back on him so she couldn’t see his face.