“Is that better?” Lexx asked glancing up at Chel after a moment.
Chel was staring ahead feeling her heart slow. She was frozen in the moment as terror filled her body and thoughts. All she could think about was the last time she had seen Lexx do something like this. Back when he had stopped the heart of the creature he was fighting.
He’s that powerful. The words echoed in her mind and gripped her soul tightly as fear crept coldly through her body.


I feel like I should apologize. I found a couple of new dorky people to write about who completely captivated me and gripped my imagination so strongly that they pointed out why I’m having a problem here. The situation that Lexx and Chel leaves so little room for the things that were fun in the beginning. I have skipped a few hours in the future and will likely do it again to get to a new point where they can return to having an actual relationship over bits and pieces here and there.

In the meantime, I will be showing off Blackwood soon. If you enjoy this and like werewolves and such, oh you’re going to really enjoy this one. The first book has been entirely written and I am editing it right now with the idea of doing a hybrid graphic novel. So you will be getting black and white images with text. That will make it so I can print the darn thing without the issues I have with Alien Dice.

Here’s the other thing that I should apologize for that you’re seeing from this page on. I figured out what I was doing wrong artwise and overnight everything changed. And I mean that. IT CHANGED. And it changed because of Blackwood. Normally I wouldn’t switch styles in the middle of a chapter but it’s amazing and I can’t go back. I’m still fine tuning but I got it and oh wow… I can draw people FASTER now! I finally GET IT!!

A new character sketch for Lexx will be going up in a couple of days. I am so happy with how he looks now It fixed everything.
– Tiff