“Don’t do that to me!” Chel jerked away from a startled Lexx and scooted back across the couch. She threw up a hand to make sure he wouldn’t try to follow her.
Lexx held his hand up for a moment, too stunned to respond. He was trying to help. “I was only trying to slow your heart to normal.” He gave Chel a sheepish look. He was baffled by her reaction. He didn’t understand how trying to help had brought on this reaction.

I hope readers remember that this kind of thing would be acceptable for him to do in his society.

The full changes I have made to the comic will not show up for a couple more updates, then I intend to move to full pages again and will do my best to double up on pages and put up two updates a week to get the battle scenes done.  They are a SLOG.  But I can draw people better and faster now so I should be able to do it!


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