Vic wandered away from the crowd of aliens gathered near the main entrance to the caves looking for his wife. He found her alone with a smile on her face. The shadowed forms of several other aliens were talking a short distance down the beach, standing by the waterline. Vic followed his wife’s gaze to the aliens and noticed how focused her attention was on them.

“You look like you’re up to something.” Vic settled into the seat next to Mel and looked at her with growing suspicion.

“Riley is arranging a DNA sample and a physical examination for me in exchange for alcoholic drinks.” Mel turned to her husband with a pleased smile. Her blue eyes were gleaming with excitement.

Vic stared at his wife, taking a moment for the words to sink in fully. Then shock at what she said overcame him. “You seriously said you’re getting young men to strip for you in exchange for beer?” Vic gasped, translating what his wife said into ordinary human language.

“I did.” She giggled, turning her attention back to the aliens.


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