“Lexx is the last thing I want for Chel,” sighed Vic, long having accepted he didn’t control what was going on with his daughter.

“You can insert any boy’s name there, Dear,” Mel whispered, trying to ease her husband’s worries. “Let’s see what happens.”

“I am not that bad.” Vic turned to his wife, rubbing the back of his neck. “I feel for the boy, I do. But he has problems that need to be dealt with.” He sighed again, muttering, rolling his eyes, “My daughter doesn’t need a fixer upper. She needs a normal, everyday boyfriend.”

“You may be worried for no reason.” Mel leaned against him, dropping a hand on his leg and running her fingers over his thigh. That momentarily distracted Vic from his train of thought.

“How many drinks will I get?” Vic made a face as Damian, Mauki, and Riley approached the table. They all had huge grins on their face, awaiting an answer.

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