Kade grumbled, leading a small group of construction workers through the tunnels in the rock. He walked with a hurried pace and the crew followed him with confused looks down a tunnel they recently finished installing lighting and flooring.

With a sigh, Kade stopped and turned to the crew.  “I want all excess tunnels sealed,” he began, motioning down the length of the hall. “When the game ends, I want no signs left we were ever here.” Kade paused, looking from the men, to the hall behind him.  “Don’t leave any tools behind when you seal the halls.”

The crew stared at him, each one of them thinking about all the work they put into carving tunnels and laying out rooms for the last week. The news to seal away all there work was not pleasing.

“I know many of you worked hard on this project, but it should not have even begun,” stated Kade, walking toward them. “Work fast. When you’re done sealing tunnels, move on to the unoccupied spaces.” The tall littan passed through the workers, then turned for final words, “I will pay bonuses out when we evacuate.”