Chel stood by Lexx, watching the partygoers from a distance. They walked a little further out until the music being played was barely a whisper on the wind.
“How do you feel, Chel?” Lexx inquired after a moment, still worried about what the nutramixes had done to her.
“Winding down.” Chel smiled, then sighed, spotting a silhouette approaching them across the sand. Her eyes widened as the shadows lightened, and Mauki joined them with a very familiar little girl laughing on his back.
“I concede this battle to you, Shira Lexx,” stated Mauki, stopping a few feet away from them, bouncing a little to jostle the little girl who laughed louder in response.
“Pitrea!” Chel couldn’t hold it in, clasping her hands in front of her, so happy to see the little girl.
“Mauki!” Pitrea laughed gleefully, twining her fingers into Mauki’s long hair.
“I’m supposed to give Pitrea to you as a gift, but I can’t,” stated Mauke, smiling at Lexx and Chel.