In silence, Lexx and Chel walked down the beach, veering away from the water. Mutually, they wanted to get away from the loud party going on behind them. Soon, they could only hear the sound of the ocean a short distance away washing over the sandy beach and the breeze through the nearby palm trees.
Lexx had nothing to say, his golden-orange eyes fixed on the land, not the stars shimmering brightly overhead. He didn’t want to look at the sky. Chel glanced up at him, noting the sad shadow over his eyes and the lines in his forehead. His jaw was set firmly, mouth set into a thin-lipped frown.
Chel worried her lower lip, then made a decision. She reached out to Lexx, sliding her hand down his arm and into his hand. He responded immediately, curling his fingers around hers.
“Ten hours,” stated Lexx, running his fingers over Chel’s. “Four, maybe five battles. More than halfway through-” He sighed,”-but not over.”