“Mom is doing what?!” Chel exclaimed, running a hand through her hair. Surely she hadn’t heard her father correctly. Yes, her mother could be very inappropriate, but this was crossing a line.

Vic sighed and began telling Lexx and Chel the exact conversation he had with Mel and why he was asking Chel to intervene over himself. Obviously, this was a situation Chel would be able to handle better than he could since Mel just pushed his objections aside as ridiculous.

Chel ran ahead of Lexx and Vic, taking off down the beach for where Vic told her she was. Riley and Damian were in sight before her mother. They were talking to someone, and as Chel got closer, she spotted her mother between them.

“Mother!” Chel shouted, waving her arms, hoping to stop whatever was going on.

“Excuse me a moment!” Mel laughed, looking down the beach at the silhouetted form of her daughter. Damian grimaced, and Riley sighed.

“We need to talk.” Chel panted, quickly reaching the trio.