I will be shifting to a hopefully less intensive work flow in the next chapter. :/ These pages should not have taken over a week to create. 🙁  It’s funny that I’m writing poor Lexx not wanting any kids… at the same time writing another character with a similar outlook and awful life happily having a LOT of kids. 😀 – Tiff

“And if you ever have kids, she will want to document their every move.” The statement made Vic cringe, but he made it anyway. It had to be made because this was a sure reality.
Vic didn’t get the reaction he expected. He thought Lexx might shrug it off, but instead, a strange look crossed over his face. First, as though he was mulling over the thought, then he opened his mouth, staring into the sky. Finally, Lexx snapped his mouth shut, turning away from Vic.
The gestures were odd, but it triggered a notion in Vic. “You don’t want children,” he said, guessing the obvious meaning of Lexx’s expressions. Lexx grimaced and sighed, nodding his head.