I bring you a comic, and text today!

Lexx walked up the beach, further away from the water. Vic followed, mulling over conflicting thoughts. I can dig into him, or I can be a good person. He realized this was something he could use against Lexx if he wanted to cause a divide between him and Chel.
Vic looked at the young man beside him, noting his sad, drawn expression, and he knew an absolute truth. Lexx was no different from any other young man who had an interest in Chel. This was a decision she would need to make at some point in the future. Interfering would cause more problems and might complicate things in the wrong direction.
“After your experience, I understand,” stated Vic. “If you want to talk about it, I’m open.”
Lexx stopped walking, staring into the trees for a moment. Then he turned to Vic, admitting boldly, “I love Chel.”
“I know you do.” Vic didn’t hesitate.
“It’s all I have,” said Lexx, beginning to walk again. “She is all I have.”
“I’ve been listening to your friends, and the people on the beach.” Vic followed Lexx, having to walk a little faster to keep up with Lexx’s long stride. “You have so much more than you believe, Lexx.”