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Alien Dice 29 – 12 – 15

Lexx turned, making a circle to head back to the shore and closer to where Chel was arguing with her mother. Vic trudged after him. “They say you’re a good person,” Vic called out. “She says you’re a good person.” He swept a hand out to where Chel stood. “Good people are often taken advantage of when they don’t have direction.” Lexx stopped walking again, to look at Vic, listening to his words. He said nothing, waiting. “Right now is not the best time to think about the future.” Vic took a deep breath, unsure of what he was doing. Thoughts of his daughter ran through his head. This situation was awful, but the possibility of a bright future was there. “When you win, we will go over your options.” A slight smile spread over Lexx’s face, and he nodded in agreement. 10:00

4 thoughts on “Alien Dice 29 – 12 – 15

  1. He’s not wrong! Focus on winning this, then plan for the future.

    Also, I like how Vic says “When you win”, not “If”.

  2. There /is/ hope to be had, and someone who believes in you, and we’re not talking about Chel. This is a good thing, and will be fuel to keep going.

  3. I go away for a while and the first thing I see when I look at Lexx is Birdy Cephon Altera.

  4. Glad Vic decided to not be a jerk.

    On another note, it looks like the “next page” link is broken. I tried to go backwards to see what I missed and the page with Lex and Chel sitting together under the stars has the “previous page” link broken.

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