Woohoo.. .update with text and I am happy with both the art and text! – Tiff


Lexx and Chel left the beach to enjoy a few minutes of privacy. They were as alone as they could get up on a low grassy hill that overlooked the ocean. Palm trees rustled around them, most likely holding a hidden dice or other creatures within the fronds. The clouds had parted to give way to a view that you would never witness in a city.
They cuddled together beneath a brilliant display of stars, enjoying each other’s touch and a little kissing. It didn’t last long enough. The time ran out, and Lexx pulled away with a sigh, “It’s time.”
“Good luck.” Chel smiled, dropping her hands into her lap. Her cheeks flushed as he smiled at her, then rose to his feet.
Lexx walked away, lifting a hand to create a swirling door that lit up the grass beneath his feet. The door formed, and he was gone, a dark shadow melting into the light. Chel sighed, watching him go, troubled by the fact the next battle could be a real one. She got to her feet, dusting off her pants.
It was time to seek out her parents and join them to see what kind of battle this one would be. She prayed it would be another friend and not a real foe.

Grass rustled beneath Lexx’s boot as he stepped out of the door and into another green field cloaked in darkness. He walked a few feet out, then stood in the dark area, looking at the shadows, searching for his opponent. Whoever it was would be there soon. The match was ready to begin, the timer counting down.