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Alien Dice 29 13 05

And another update! I'm going to go through and rewrite my scripts now and hopefully get updates up with fewer breaks in between. I really want to get this done and I'm also editing the original text. - Tiff Vic followed Kade through the halls until they reached an empty room. Once inside, Kade closed the door behind them before beginning, “There are a number of human vessels converging on the island.” The Littan looked over his shoulder at Vic, frowning. “Do you know anything about this?” “No,” answered Vic. He knew nothing of any such plans to invade the island or even how ships knew where it was. Kade turned to face him, glowering. “Chel is here. I would never put her or my wife in danger.” Kade sighed, his frown deepening as a look of thoughtfulness passed through his eyes. “Then how do they know where we are?” His posture relaxed as he threw his arms out in front of him, gesturing as though he might draw an answer from the air. “Chill’s the only one who went back, but there’s no way for her to know where we are.” Vic rolled his eyes, running through a mental sequence of events. He did not have a tracking device, nor did his wife, Chel, Lexx, or the dice they brought back. If there were devices on them, they would have been in their files, and Vic had gone over those files with a fine-toothed comb. “I don’t know where we are.”

3 thoughts on “Alien Dice 29 13 05

  1. I was expecting a complication from the ADC, not Earth!

    1. who says its not both? its not like the ADC can’t contact humans to create some kind of disqualifiacation event.

  2. I seem to recall that Vic has pinpointed the island’s location via the GPS tracker in Chel’s bag.
    So unless he’s forgotten, he does know where they are.

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