Kade went one direction and Vic the other, with different goals in mind. Vic wandered through the crowd of aliens talking about Lexx’s next battle in a multitude of strange languages, including his own. He ended up on a quiet side of the rocks, where he had left Chel and his wife.
Somehow, Kade beat him there, likely while Vic paused and looked at the variety of beings assembled on the beach. Kade spoke to partygoers in passing, telling them it was time to leave. The beach was soon littered with golden doors and silhouetted aliens stepping through them as fast as they could.
Vic found his family gathered a short distance down the beach with Keith and Lexx. They were watching the doors forming.
“Time to go, dear,” Vic called out to his wife as he approached.
“Dad? What’s going on?” Chel gave her father her full attention—her face pale in the moonlight.