Alien Dice 29 13 08

“Chel, we need to leave,” stated Vic, stopping in front of Chel and Lexx. He kept his eyes on Chel, a little perturbed that Lexx’s arm was around her shoulder. This was not the time to express his distaste for his daughter’s choice in boyfriends or even allow it to hold. “There’s a fleet of ships coming to the island.” Lexx stared at Vic, and the look on Chel’s face went from concerned to outright worry. The Rishan was only silent for a moment before yelling, “If they arrive in the middle of a fight and intervene, I could lose by default!” Chel took a step back as Lexx threw his arms into the air, his gaze fixed on Vic. Then she took a step forward again, wrapping her arms around his waist. It appeared to settle Lexx as he glanced at her, his face contorting in a myriad of emotions. “I’m going back to see what I can find out, Lexx,” said Vic, turning away from them. “My next battle starts soon.” Lexx gave him a frustrated look.

2 thoughts on “Alien Dice 29 13 08

  1. The fleet can force a loss? ADC plot, or unfortunate coincidence?

    I know I keep assuming everything even remotely nefarious is an ADC plot, but cut me some slack – there’s no way they’re just going to let Lexx walk free without trying something!

    1. I know what you mean, there’s no way the ADC won’t try to pull some 11th hour shenanigans.

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