“Make them a door, Lexx,” stated Kade, stepping into the conversation. “Chel, you can remain here, close to Riley and me. We’ll make sure no harm comes to you.”
“Chel?” The last thing Vic wanted to do was leave his daughter on the island. He wanted her to come home with him, but left it up to her while giving her a pleading look.
“I’ll be okay, Dad,” said Chel, giving her father a thin-lipped smile.
“I’ll stay too,” Keith volunteered, stepping closer to Chel. Vic couldn’t help but notice how Lexx immediately crouched, glaring at Keith, and Chel didn’t look pleased.
Vic nodded, realizing that if something happened to Lexx while he was gone, she would at least have Keith with her. It would be best for Chel if he remained with her. After all, Keith had undergone training to handle extreme situations. Vic hoped the boy had paid attention during those long sessions he had worked with him.