“We’re watching for the ships,” Kade called out after them, then added in a lower voice to Chel, “I will return to my ship with you once they arrive. Hopefully, it will not come to that.”

Chel nodded, watching her parents walk after Lexx. They didn’t go far before Lexx lifted his hand and formed a swirling vortex—the door appearing once again. Vic glanced over his shoulder, getting a last look at his daughter with a reflective, worried look on her face.
Trying to keep up! This has been an awful week of just stuff, topped by this. Our cat Arya has a lump on her leg and it’s getting worse. It will take $775 to remove it. (And that’s at the low cost vet.) I’d like to do it for her once and hope it’s not cancerous or it is removed before it spread. She’s nine and we got her for our daughter when she was a kitten. GoFundMe Link. There’s not much more to say, just dealing with it.