“We need to move.” Lexx frowned, receiving a message from Pyre. He stroked a hand down Serenity’s neck. She hadn’t moved since she laid down, her injuries healing agonizingly slow. Unfortunately, they couldn’t remain in the field any longer. “Pyre says one of Tairin’s dice has located us.”
“I’m fine,” said Serenity with a growl. She shifted, rising with her weight on her uninjured left forefoot. Lexx rose, stretching his wings, eyes locked on her. Serenity drooped bodily from her head to her tail. Judging by the dried blood soaked into her fur over her chest and sides, she had received far more injuries than she let on.
“Tairin wants a quick death or victory.” Lexx strode forward, heading down a low embankment. He lifted his wings, preparing to fly. “I’m not giving her either. An enemy I know how to defeat is worth wasting as much time on as possible.”


Oops. Sorry about that, but I was going to miss this week anyway. :/ – Tiff

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Alien Dice 30 – 01 – 15

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