A familiar silhouette appeared, stalking out of the light.

Lexx ran, slipping into the shadows and emerging in another part of the island. He didn’t slow, crossing a field at lightning speed.


The wolves of light and shadow appeared out of glowing gates, crossing the grass on silent feet. Their panting closed in on his heels as he ran up the rocks, his wings spread to carry him high and into a cave. He slid again, entering the shadows and emerging into a thick forest of ferns and thick palms.


On he ran, entering shadows and leaving one part of the island to emerge in another.

Wherever he went, Tairin or her dice were close behind, pursuing him as he grew weary from the constant jumping. The shadows didn’t drain him as much as forming a gate because his destinations were random. Forcing a jump to the shadows on specified points drained him fast.

Still, his heart pounded and sweat beaded on his body, the exertion becoming overwhelming.


More than once, he hid, somehow evading detection to buy a few spare minutes to rest and recover. He was off again as soon as he could run, counting down the minutes to the end of the match.




Stay ahead.

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Alien Dice 30 -03 -05

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