“I can change my appearance to look fully human,” grinned Lexx.
“You can?!” Keith exclaimed, eager to see this ability in action.
“I want to see!” Chel added excitedly.
“I cannot show you while I am being monitored by the ADC.” Lexx immediately drew both Chel and Keith into his relay to talk where he could not be heard. “Rest assured. When I need to be human, I can do it.” He focused on Chel.
“Why didn’t you tell me you could that?” Chel demanded, upset that he hadn’t told her and happy that it was something that he could do.
“It was one of the abilities the architects unlocked.” Lexx smiled moving closer to Chel. Keith was distracted by floating around nearby and Lexx just wanted to be by Chel.
Just being around her made him feel warm and happy. Right now, he was fighting the urge to make up for his minor indiscretion. The relay wasn’t reality, but it was close enough that he could enjoy her touch and warmth.

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