Trasik gave Lexx a smug smile as she got closer.  She stopped a short distance away and lifted her left hand in the air.  The large dice behind her immediately rose up to tower over her shoulder, giving Lexx a good look at it.  This one was pure predator.  It’s hide was deep purple and half a dozen tentacles whipped around it in constant activity.  It sat on its haunches, with forepaws in the sand, leading up to a thick chest and a second set of arms.  Each toe ended in curving black talons and there were more than enough of them.

The monster clicked its teeth together, showing off an impressive array of straight ebony daggers.  It made a hissing noise as it breathed, small golden red eyes fixated on Lexx.

“Don’t think you’re getting out of this easily, Shira Lexx.”  Trasik crooned, stroking the dice’s throat, just his jaw.  “I get one more chance at you.”

Lexx felt his blood run cold and he swallowed his fears.  He had fought her before and he had won before.  He could do it again.


Far above them, Chel slammed her fists into the glass, leaning against it to stare at the scene unfolding below.  “No, not her!!”  She screamed.