Lexx walked out to the edge of the dark sand that was soaked with salt water.  The waves were coming in slow hypnotic swells.  He watched them for a few minutes, looking out over the sea.  Time passed slowly and his opponent was late.

Where’s my opponent?  Lexx glanced around the beach and saw nothing.  The only object in the sky was the observation pod, hovering a safe distant away.  Lexx went back to watching the waves for a few more minutes, thinking about what he needed to do.  He dropped a hand into his pocket and fingered the modifiers resting there.  Good rolls.  He needed good rolls.

The sound of something big stepping into the sand caught Lexx’s attention.  He turned to see a trainer in green and gold stepping onto the beach, with a large dice at her heels.   His eyes widened as he recognized who it was.



You know what… comics are easier to read when they’re uploaded. I remembered this morning that I hadn’t uploaded them… then promptly FORGOT again. Well, Kim’s back to school now and I’m busy, busy, busy going through the process of signing a million pages of paperwork so we can move in October! – Tiff