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Alien Dice Day 28 04 15

7 thoughts on “Alien Dice Day 28 04 15

  1. If you think he was an ass to Chel before, how much of an ass will he be to a girl whose purpose in life at this moment is being breeding stock?

    She doesn’t deserve the hate, but he’ll probably be pissed, and he does not have a history of being polite when he’s angry. Then again, he might have found a new friend, if he can avoid hurting her before getting to know her.

    1. It makes me happy when I see readers comment like this. 😀 Lexx has changed a bit, but it’s mostly on a case by case basis and right now, this is NOT what he wants. We’re still working on the empathy for others part that tends to only crop up when he’s REMINDED that others are in just as much danger or more than him. Then I recall, oh yeah, he has a particular disdain for breeders… We’ll have to work on that. 😀

  2. Well, this isn’t awkward. Not sure who to feel more sorry for.

  3. I just went digging through the archives and went through pretty far from after Karmine’s first appearance…but did we ever find out what happened to Pitrea (I think I spelled that right)?

  4. I should hope that he brings Karmine to Chel or that Karmine asks about Chel. This will at least get around the current awkwardness and bring his empathy towards Karmine to the forefront once he learns her story.

    1. I’m sitting here going: ARRRGH!! So many things need to be fit in and Lexx’s battles are getting in the way. 😀

      1. Aren’t the battles getting in his way the reason they’re doing it? 😛

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