Alien Dice Day 28 05 01

Anything interrupting Lexx's plans are unwanted intrusions, until they become wanted intrusions.  Right now, he doesn't have time to think about anything he doesn't actually WANT to think about.   He'll deal with this later and I will get that text going by next week, I hope, barring any disasters. Also, something people forget but need to remember:  Lexx has been confirmed to be on the autism spectrum, unintentionally.  As someone with an autistic child, it takes longer to correct certain behaviors and a lot of patience.  It doesn't matter how much they want to break out of it, it's a script.  Altering it takes time.  Lexx's usual responses to frustrations are anger and action to remove the frustration.  It's what the ADC conditioned him to do.   It may never be removed, because above the anger, he has more control now.  He will lash out at things, but not at living things.  That just took one trigger that was strong enough to stop it in the future along with the removal of the bad code. As for relationships, oh, it's not an ideal one by any means and Chel realizes that, which is leading up to the next few weeks sequences.  She also knows she can't 'fix' him.  That's going to take a lot of other people actually caring for Lexx's well being and he has them lined up and is now open to all of them.  It's difficult to get other people to realize that the kid throwing a tantrum is not doing it because they are spoiled little brats, but because their brain just 'breaks' and has for so long they go onto an uncontrollable, no choice autopilot until it's over.  It's getting to them BEFORE the meltdown and stopping it while they have control and helping them realize that they have that control to stop it that over time will stop it from happening. He has the will to correct his behavior and the support system that he needs.  Now he just needs time.  Unfortunately more time than he has.

9 thoughts on “Alien Dice Day 28 05 01

  1. “Lexx, why don’t you introduce yourself to the group?”

    “Hi, my name is Lexx, and my ancestors were kidnapped by aliens and altered to be a slave race. I was sold as a child to serve as an unwilling competitor in blood sports when I was eight.”

    “Hi Lexx.”

  2. Fair enough, Tiff! I’m mildly autistic myself and know how hard it can be to try and function normally in certain situations. I do very much like this comic, but will probably never like Lexx as I have been abused by someone very very like him for most of my life. It’s hard not to feel upset with people who are selfish and hurtful but don’t even know they’re doing it so you’re not allowed to be disgusted with them… In any case, I have nothing against your writing; the fact that your characters are fleshed out to the point that they act just like real people shows how talented you are. 🙂

    1. I assumed that. 😀 I definitely didn’t take it as an objection to how I write. I just begin to feel bad for the characters, because I know more of their thought processes than everyone else and I know their future to a point. 😀

  3. NO one else? Not even Chel?

    1. I chewed him out for that too, but he’s kinda hyper focused on one thing at the moment. 😀

  4. Says the guy who has an adopted daughter. ^^; (Although, to be fair, he does leave her on, like, permanent daycare.)

    Nice extra bit about autism, I thought that was really useful to know. =)

    1. It’s just a momentary thought that will pass. 😉

      The note on the autism spectrum was brought up years ago in comments, then I realized that yes, he does have these quirks that he’s had from the beginning.

      1. also on the autism spectrum here… and the main thing that bugs the hell out of me is the fact people think it “goes away” when you hit adulthood. we’re going to be living with it every day of our lives here.

  5. just wanted to say, as an autistic myself, that the realization that Lexx is also autistic only made him more endearing to me.
    I’ve liked him from the start and I doubt anything he does can change that now.
    (just found my way back here after years unable to read – back injury prevented me from using the computer for far too long.)

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